Saturday, January 1, 2011

MMXI...Get the Party Animal out of your pet!

Last time I wrote on my blog was ...last year!

Been hectic always at this time of the year! As we all like to say: "New Year Celebrations....all the preparations; build up etc...and now its over!"

Yup. 01.01.11 already...Whilst we are busy getting all the "partyness" out of our body; looking again at that "2011 Resolutions" list and being convinced that "this year am gonna be up to it" (Lol!) what about our pets?
I spent some time watching my own Toshka today and judging by the phone calls and texts I received over the last few seems now is the time pets are celebrating...not yesterday!
Firecrackers; Fireworks; Loud people; Blaring music; too busy owners to give attention; party food maybe (Toshka had a blast with Marshmallows!)
We've heard it on the TV news;PAWS was on MBC Radio last week; I've been on Radio 1 on the 31st - about animals' sensitive hearing and how to prevent panic attacks in your pets etc...and yet all this loudness is unavoidable and last minute advice is of little to no help.

So add this to your resolutions list: "Get my dog desensitised to firecrackers this year". That is, get him prepared to that without having to go through an night of terror for the numerous times of the Year we chose to celebrate with Firecrackers.

How you do that? Well, type "Desensitise my dog to Firecrackers" and look it up on Google! Loool!And by the time you've read the first 3 articles ( need to read all of the 23,000 search results!!) you'll be an expert in that.
For the lazy ones...basically it is based on "Positive reinforcement technique" i.e. getting your pet to associate the loud noise with a positive experience. Some use real firecrackers and others used recordings of firecrackers...but in any case use real treats to "reward" them!
Personally, if I was going to go into that I would have opted for the recordings; that gives you the option of playing with the sound volume and progressively getting your pet accustomed to louder and louder noise.
If you gonna party and have fun...don't be the only Party Animal around; am sure your pet will adore being part of that too!

Ok...need to go Party with my siblings now...and tomorrow is gonna be a big party day (mostly night) too!
Aaaaaagh! MMXI !! Day 1/365 of loads of awesomeness!

HNY to all of Ya Party Animals out there!

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