Monday, August 29, 2011

It's been a "Pussy" Day...

Oh has been one of those days yesterday!

One of those Saturdays with your appointments carefully scheduled 30 mins apart...and then having emergencies coming one after the other.

But that's ok...that's why I am at the clinic for, right? What was worth blogging though is that I had 4 kitty cases, each interesting in its own way:

Mimi - 7 yr old black queen; cutest cross-eyed kitty ever; with several other jaw deformities. Product of an incestual mishap between brother and sister. Owners love her though; she's been around vet clinics here and most vets have called for euthanasia for the drastic liver tumour she has. Then last month,they brought me Mimi...severely distended abdomen; bloodwork and primary assessment showed that she was still compensating and maintaining and we all happily opted for chemotherapy + some hepatoprotectors..2 shots now and last time I saw her tumour had decreased in size but yesterday I received a panicked phone call from owner - Mimi had a bloated, hard abdomen and was not eating loads.Rushed her in, straight away and fortunately it was just a bloated stomach.But my prognosis still stays guarded for her.

By that time Frisquette was in the waiting room for staples removal from a nasty wound supposedly caused by a door slamming shut on the tail...but the extent and the location (very base of the tail and dorsal) seem to point out that this kitty had been hit with a stick or something. When it came 10 days ago, tail was limp and wound was purulent and maggot infested!Being hit was one thing but being left to that state was something else...and owner heard it from me! She promised me that the maid was gonna hear from her...Lol! As if the maid was responsible...
Anyways, yesterday Frisky presented with a clean wound and had regained 90% control of her tail. Good news then! I am so not into amputating tails!

Went out for the 10:00 dog vaccine appointment but owner was late and I took in a lady sitting quietly with a covered basket on her lap. I always like to play that guessing game : "Hmmmm...what is gonna come out of this basket/bag?" and I have been surprised several times!Iguana,Duck,Tortoise, Tenrec...I've had it all. This time it was a wide-eyed pussy, visibly in shock, that had been run over by a car. First thing that caught my attention was the blood tinted urine patch on the bedding sheets in the basket. Blood-tinged body fluids coming out of animals is always bad news and this one indicated bladder and possibly other internal organ damage! Quick assessment revealed simple diaphyseal fracture of right femur. Animal seemed fit enough to be anaeasthetised and here I was going into complicated emergency orthopaedic surgery...Experience has taught me that the sooner you go in and immobilise these broken bones, the quicker is recovery and less likely is permanent muscle and nerve damage.
In my early days, I would place comfort bandages, give pain killers and wait for swelling to regress before attempting any which time, the broken bone fragments would be moving, cutting more muscle fibrils, damaging nerves and blood vessels. So I went in, dissecting between muscle groups, exteriorising bone fragments and kitty went home with a stainless pin holding bones in place. "Six-million Dollar Pussy" for those of you old enough to know the famous 70's series.Still have to see how this bleeding bladder reacts though.

Proper exhausted...considering that I work alone and that I have had a head-on start at 07:30 am with a complicated surgery on a 14 year old fighter kitty named Xena. Now that's a pussy with a story!Xena was bouncing around on the exam table, exploring everything, sniffing and swaying tail etc...nothing but normal happy kitty behaviour huh? Except that she had an enormous belly, the size of a football!! Never seen a kitty with such a huge belly and more so behaving so normally! As if that wasn't enough to make her special, listen to this now:
14yrs ago, the actual owner was studying in Montpellier, France, and during one of his strolls with friends he saw a man throw a bag in a river and run away...Driven by curiosity they pulled the bag out and found three kittens, 2 drowned already and one survivor...Baby Xena! So, she was brought back to Mauritius, went through hell at the local quarantine station and lived a happy life until 2 months ago her belly started to "grow"!
Once again, been around seeing different colleagues; was prescribed diuretics, antibiotics, antiinflammatories, vitamins...then when "something" started coming out her vagina, a colleague told them to go see me..Lol!I learnt all that during surgery... all must know me by now...Kitty with normal vitals, distended abdomen, pus coming out of her vagina...I would not waste time waiting for a miracle; I go in and find out what I can do to relieve that poor soul. I got the usual: "Try your best Doc, she is like a member of our family"...You bet she was...With such a history behind! But these comments always make me if, if it was a regular alley cat, I would not try my best!Lol!
So here I was, pulling out a gynormous pus-filled uterus from that abdomen before ligating and excising it all off.Hmmmm..I wonder why these vitamins and antiinflammatories were not working at all! lool!
Owner and Dad were both gloved and in surgery room so I handed the WISELY CLAMPED uterus in a tray to the dad who, as soon as I turned my back removed my clamps and handed them to me...The MESS!!!Pus all over the floor now...and not a few mls...a whole tray-load of it! While he cleaned the mess I went on closing abdomen and since owner was now "stable" enough I asked him how he came to me etc...After my colleague gave him my name, he said he...Googled me! Loool!Who on earth googles vets!??!Hahaha! But I was surprised to learn how much is out there on the web, apart from the journalistic crap on PAWS-L'eglise Chretienne-Monkeys.He loved the articles about doggies, about my fight to stop euthanasia by electrocution of strays etc..
Then I had to ask the crucial question: " Did you ever put your kitty on hormonal heat suppression?" The answer came as no surprise..."Yes". I don't know why these pills are still on the market, considering the amount of cats and dogs that end up with life threatening pyometra with them. In a nutshell...the hormone in them (progesterone)triggers cyst formation in the uterine walls and keep the cervix open...Gateway for bacteria to move up from the vagina into the uterus and fester on the fluids from these cysts. Owners see that as a quick fix; vets prefer to use these pills to keep the customers coming in regularly for them (as opposed to spaying one time).I saw his face, as he realised that he himself endangered the life of his precious kitty and had to say: "Of course, you did not know...but do tell other people about might save a life"

Today, Xena came again for check up and I was happy to see her crisp and lively as ever and the ownwers relieved and smiling. For all those of you who were expecting something else from "It's been a Pussy day"...Tsk Tsk Tsk! I was just talking about a lot of felines and pus!

Not me!! Not Sam!! Loool! Dirty minds!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Le Retour du Comeback...

Okay Friends!

May 22nd!

More than 2 months since I last wrote anything on my blog! In the meantime,so many things have happened..Island Vet Clinic has moved to Candos; been out of the country for a while; seen a lot more cute pets with various problems; winter caught up with us; its been raining a lot and a few bridges have been crossed but not burnt... and other ones burnt without crossing them.

Anyways,upon public demand (lol!)...I am back on track with the Tale Tails.So what's worth sharing tonight? Did I hear "Dog Control Bill"? Well, yeah...this one made a "comeback" on the forefront again and the draft is on the Government portal for public review at:
How many of you, public people, knew about this and out of you lucky few well informed ones; how many of you reviewed it?

Well, I didn't have a clue about it until I was invited on that Committee to represent PAWS and advise...This draft went to State Law Office for review and is in it's final "fine-tuning" phase before submission to the Minister. I don't know if this is the usual way laws are drafted in Mauritius but...if this is so...then my fellow Mauritians...we are in deep poop!

Ministry Officials whose main concern is to rush and deliver a long overdue document; Division of Vet Services vets who, according to the draft are going to be the "Competent Authority"- the Umbrella organisation who will oversee all dog matters...but who are surprisingly "silent" in the meetings; the MSPCA who tries to monopolise all the prerogatives about dog registration, fines etc...; the Vet Council representative who tries to fight his own personal battle and then PAWS representatives. If anybody read that draft, please tell me that I am not crazy and over zealous when I find such statements of that draft utterly unfair and totally insane:

1- “owner”, in relation to any dog, means every person above the age of 18 years old who has a dog in his or her possession for more than 72 hours
So if I steal your dog and keep it in my possession for more than 72 hrs...its MINE! We managed to get this amended to "owner is the person in whose name the animal is registered"

2 - Under Importation of dogs, MSPCA proposed that German Shepherds be added to the list of restricted dogs...because there are reports of numerous dog bites other countries!!
When queried on which basis the actual list was drawn, an uneasy mumbling session went on and it was clear that that was just based on what happens elsewhere and not on what happens here! Restrictions on importation of Mastiff-type dogs? And then what? Let the ones that are already on the island inbreed amongst themselves? Compulsory spay/neutering of the ones already here? Good luck with that one! Nobody seem to be thinking that the real problem is...lack of education of owners and the so called trainers on these breeds! Yes, restrict some breeds that have potential for danger but set in place a framework for their eventual clearance..WHEN MAURITIANS ARE READY TO RAISE AND CARE FOR SUCH BREEDS and when we have legal and solid control on their training and breeding.

3 - Dog owners and Dog breeders should ensure that the dog receives proper care and attention and is supplied with proper and sufficient food, water,shelter and exercise
PAWS had to argue for like 30 minutes to get the word medical/veterinary care included in this...I cannot understand how we can leave vague and subjective words like "proper"..."sufficient" in a legal document?

4 - Any person may, for the purpose of stopping an attack, seize or destroy a dog if:(a) the person is attacked by the dog; or(b) the person witnesses the dog attacking any other person.
Reallly?? ANY person? DESTROY? Is it only me? Or are you, like me, seeing this statement as a door to all sorts of abuse! Anybody can come and kill...ooops sorry...destroy your dog! With or without proof that your dog was dangerous. We managed to change that one too and get the word "destroy" removed and replaced by "euthanise"

5 - If your dog is seized or impounded and you do not come or are unable to claim it back, Competent Authority can SELL it.
How do you like that one huh?? How unethical is that one? After serious arguing ( and several cups of tea)this was removed too

6 - No person who is entitled under this Act to destroy any dog,and who does so in a reasonable manner or who wounds or maims the dog in the course of attempting to so destroy it, shall be under any criminal or civil liability for the injury done to the dog or its death
That's the best one of them all!! How on earth can this come from all the vets who help draft this bill? So you are immune to liability if you are to euthanise a dog but you end up wounding and torturing the animal to death? What world are we living in? I had to fight a lot to have this removed...Euthanasia? Well, either you do it professionally, with all respect to the animal or you DO NOT CALL YOURSELF A VET and go do something else!
There should be no f***ing immunity for incompetence!Especially, when animal lives are concerned!

Yes, all this is in that draft posted on the Min of AgroIndustry's portal for public review...I did not make all this up.

Everything seems so surreal, in all of the three final meetings I went to...serious issues was taken lightly, animal lives were "taken for granted" and disrespected, people were "choosing sides" to agree with; defending their own personal benefits and looking into pleasing (or attacking) so and so...I did not have the impression that we were discussing a Bill that was going to be enacted into law...that was supposed to stay valid for the years to come.


Dog Control Bill...when is the "Owners Control Bill" coming out? This one would surely solve all the problems at source...For Sure!